PCC Giving

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel and your loving service across the church family.

Whatever our gifts, resources or income level, God has graciously given us all things to steward for his glory. We are asking you to pause and to prayerfully consider how you might best steward your financial resources and to consider the support needed to enable the ministry at St Mary’s.

As a PCC, we only make a request of this sort once a year. We choose not to have collections, nor to make frequent requests for giving as we want to communicate how God’s grace to us is free to us. However, we want to encourage everyone annually to review the stewarding of their resources and to invite people to consider how they support the ministry in our church.

Summary of PCC finances

The PCC finances are divided between a General Fund and a Building Fund.

The General Fund covers the day to day running costs of the church including the cost of the Rector and Curate via the contribution to the Diocesan Common Mission Fund. The exception is other staff costs which are paid by the St Mary’s Christian Workers Trust—a separate, independent organisation.

The worst impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is largely past though many churches have suffered loss of income in comparison with the pre-Covid years.  Here at St Mary’s giving for 2020 to 2022 is projected at approximately £19,000 less than the three pre-Covid years to 2019. Expenditure has also been reduced although most of our costs are fairly fixed or self funded, for example weekends away. At the end of 2022 there is a projected deficit of £6,500 against a budgeted deficit of approximately £9,000. However, thanks to the past generosity of church members the level of net current assets (the effective amounts we have to pay our bills) will cover approximately 8.5 months of the projected 2022 expenditure of £176,000. The level of reserves will continue to be monitored by the PCC.

However, the position is significantly different for 2023.  If giving remains at 2022 levels there will be a shortfall of approximately £23,000 on budgeted expenditure of £197,500, including self-funding activities of approximately £41,000.  The large deficit for 2023 is a result of the inbuilt 2022 deficit of £6,500 plus increased costs. Energy costs are rising by £11,500, and the diocesan contribution by £1,000 and £4,000 is needed to return activities to 2019 pre-Covid levels. Net current assets would fall. The net current assets at approximately £103,000 would cover 6.3 -months of the budgeted expenditure which is within our guidelines. However, with that trajectory the position would be unsustainable. Therefore, the PCC considers that it is necessary to ask for an increase in the level of giving from existing donors. A presentation will be made at the morning and evening services on Sunday 6 November with thoughts on tackling the shortfall.

Also, new giving is continually required to replace that which is naturally lost year on year due to regular givers leaving St. Mary’s, or changes in their circumstances. Over the last few years this has resulted in around £5,000 a year being lost.

The Building Fund is restricted to the development and maintenance of our buildings. In 2022 existing and planned expenditure totals £33,000 with the likelihood of £24,000 of that amount being incurred in 2023. After this there will be £52,000 remaining in the fund. There is a regular 5-yearly Church of England inspection of the buildings scheduled for 2023 and this will require some work to be done. There are sufficient funds available for foreseeable use and there is no need for increased or new giving to this fund.

How the money gets used

We set out a full account of how our resources are used in the Annual Report, which is available to all. However, some of the main expenditure includes:

·         A contribution to the Common Mission Fund. The salary, pension and housing costs of our Rector and Curate are paid for by the Diocese and this contribution helps cover those costs. Our contribution is related to the size of the congregation and will increase in 2023 by £1,061 to £95,594 and represents 48.5% of budgeted expenditure. The amount is based on the number of church members and does not change whether or not we currently have a Curate.

·         Routine running costs. These include utilities which cost around £22,000, almost double our previous supply contract, insurance of £3,000 a year, and office expenses and equipment and maintenance of £6,000 each.

·         Church mission. These include the many children and youth groups that meet during the week, some events and ministry with the wider community.

·         Less frequent costs. There is the occasional need to replace old worn-out equipment. In addition, moving to online services and the greater use of technology, will require investment in technical equipment.

Request from the PCC

We really value your support and would ask you prayerfully consider your continued giving for 2023 in light of the alternatives mentioned in the presentation to the congregations. If you are able to give more to the ministry, please consider doing so.

If you consider yourself to be a member of the St Mary’s church family and are yet to regularly give, we would encourage you to commit to supporting the ministry financially. As church members we will have very different income levels and resources; however, it is not the amount of giving that is important as the act of giving. Even very modest support is gratefully received and enables ministry to be supported in the future.

Please also consider a gift to St Mary’s PCC when you are writing your will. Legacies have been a very valuable help in the ongoing ministry of the church.

What to do next

If you are making a new commitment, or changing your existing giving, we would be grateful if you could respond by completing the ‘My Response’ form (and where appropriate including the Gift Aid declaration) to David Marlow by Sunday 20th November 2022. (You can do this either via the St Mary’s Church website, or as a paper form)

Please note that your response is confidential and not circulated within the church or PCC. Paper copies of all forms, including bank standing order forms, are available at the church office.

If you are a UK taxpayer please complete a Gift Aid Form as this increases the value of your gift by 25%. 

For more information on:

  • The budget, contact David Elkin (07486 395778 or )
  • How to give, contact David Marlow (01256 766106 or )

Thank you for considering this request and, if you are already a regular giver to St Mary’s PCC, thank you very much for your continued generosity.

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.”

2 Corinthians 8:8–9

With our warmest Christian greetings on behalf of your Church Council

My Response

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