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St Mary’s Christian Workers Trust (CWT) is a registered charity established to support Christian Work and Christian Workers focussed on the Basingstoke area and extending to UK and around the world. Recently between 70% and 80% of the budget of CWT has gone to support staff of St. Mary's PCC; more details can be found on the staff page. 18%–23% has been donated to other Christian charities or Christian workers, especially partners of St. Mary's Church, some in Basingstoke, some UK and some in other countries and continents around the world; more information can be found on the partner support page.

The generous support from our donors has meant that, as we approach the end of the COVID pandemic, CWT finances are strong and we are very grateful to those who have continued to faithfully give, both as regular donations and occasional lump sum gifts.

The CWT Appeal – Autumn 2021 aims to fund the increase in staff identified as required for St. Mary's Church; more information can be found on the St. Mary's Church Giving page. The increase in staff costs required is quite significant but CWT had already assumed that St. Mary's Church would want to increase staff levels so the increase in income required is less than it might have been. Still an additional 30% income growth is required for CWT to fully fund the proposed staff level. Also as CWT has healthy reserves at the moment the trustees believe that the 30% growth in income can be achieved over several years. Therefore CWT are asking for an initial appeal income growth of 9% to give the confidence to go forward with recruiting the necessary staff. CWT understands that ideally recruitment interviews would commence around the end of this year for staff to start in summer 2022. If the 9% target is not met it may delay CWT ability to support some of the additional roles proposed.

The trustees believe that there is good opportunity to make up much of the 30% with new donors but there will inevitably also be a significant need for increased giving from existing donors. Please carefully and prayerfully consider giving to, or increasing your giving to, CWT and respond through the Response Form. If you are a UK tax payer please also tick the Gift Aid box on the response form.

St Mary's Christian Workers Trust (CWT)
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