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Matt & Adele Guest, Olivia, Chloe, Eloise, Billy, Zac 

 Cornerstone Church, Crewe

Cornerstone Church started meeting January 2019 with a team of 9 adults & 4 children. Before planting this new congregation they spent two years planning & prayerfully preparing.

They meet in Bethany Centre, a building we acquired last summer in Crewe. It is a great space that provides great opportunities, and we are currently awaiting a portacabin which will allow space for the children’s work.

For Sunday evenings and midweek groups they meet and at Matt & Adele’s home.(Currently on zoom) 

“Our vision as a church is to gather, grow, give and go through grace.

This underpins all our events, groups and activities.

We Gather together on a Sunday in God's Word.

We Grow through our mid-week pods (same-sex groups of 3-4) where we have questions to apply the sermon that was preached.

We Give through our serving both practically and financially because of Jesus sacrifice and

We Go making it a priority to intentionally join community events, get to know neighbours & make friends outside the church family. We deliberately aim to keep meetings to a minimum freeing up time for the church to go.”

 Hospitality in one another's homes plays a big part in this vision for the church, in both their discipleship and evangelism. Currently an average of 25-30 meeting regularly on Sundays.

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