Mission Partners

Jony and Jenny, Felipe & Emma Bertin

Rector St Bartholomew’s Rosario Argentina

It's already been three years since they arrived back to Argentina after training for three years at Cornhill and Oak Hill. Since then, they moved to Rosario city where Jony became the rector of St Bartholomew's, a large old-fashioned 150 year-old brick building with a small Anglican congregation in need of revitalisation. The mission for the church, based on Matthew 28:19-20, can be summarised in Evangelising, Establishing, Edifying and Equipping. The priority during the first two years was Evangelising and Establishing, aimed at the regular and semi-regular members of the congregation, and doing this primarily through expository preaching and 1-2-1 discipleship. However, to become outwardly mission focused they would need a core group which is not only strongly Edified but also Equipped. With this aim they have been training young members of other Anglican churches in Buenos Aires and of a Reformed church of Pentecostal background 2.5 miles away, 3 of which have joined the Y1 of Cornhill online. Thinking more long term Jony is also teaching NT Greek to a handful of students and with Jenny's graphic design skills they are developing a NT Greek Workbook. 

Pray:  that the gospel continues taking root in the small congregation, that the equipping of others in Bible reading skills, expository preaching and NT Greek might flourish, and for a fruitful and growing outreach.



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